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Outcome driven education


Shape your children's future with target oriented education

Welcome to McGeorge Academy

An Indedependent school designed to help students for success

We help promising young children to lay a solid foundation for them achieve their lifelong goals. We help each student set their respective targets for each semester and make plans for realizing their targets. We're not concerned about their coursework only, we pay special attention to what best suits the lifelong goal of each student. Though we put special emphasis on preparing each student for college, we're fully aware that not all students will become scientists, nor is it necessary. They could be doctors, geologists, astronauts, pilots, computer engineers, architects, they might also want to be customer service representatives, salespersons, nurses, chefs, handymen, electiricians, carpenters, so on and so forth. What suits them and what they feel happy doing is most important. And this also serves as a guide in our school management. 

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