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Tuition & Fees

McGeorge Academy has three annual fees and they include a range of items and services, depending on the student's grade. The annual costs include Tuition, an Educational Technology Fee and a Facility Renewal Fee. One-time fees for new students include an Enrolment Fee and an Asset Upgrade Fee. There are also a variety of discounts available to all families. All amounts are indicated in US dollars (USD).

For all students, tuition fees include:

  • A yearbook

  • Individual school photographs;

  • A full school panoramic picture (order required);

  • Local traveling expenses for school athletic teams;

  • Student club fees, and

  • Use of the school facilities.


For American students or green card holders:

  • Grade 1-6: $12,000

  • Grade 7-12: $15,000

International Students:

  • Grade 1-6: $25,000

  • Grade 7-12: $28,000


English as a Second Language Learner Fees apply to students whose first language is not English and they have to access specialized classes as part of the curriculum and in addition receive extra support throughout the year. US boarding students are those who hold US Citizenship or Permanent Residence.


Important Considerations


For all day students, lunch is included in tuition. There is no lunch fee. In addition to the items mentioned in the Cost of a PC Education page, there are a number of program enhancements provided at no additional cost.

Kindergarten fees include 2-3 local curricular field trips, required school supplies and textbooks. Fees do not include school uniform and athletic uniform costs.

Grades 1-3 fees include 2-3 local curricular field trips and textbooks. Fees do not include required school supplies, individual workbooks, school uniform and athletic uniform costs.

Grade 4-12 fees do not include field trips, school uniform, athletic uniform, off-site activities, some weekend programming, books, school supplies and required physical education equipment.

For all boarding students, tuition includes room and board, as well as housekeeping services, wireless internet access from each room, staff supervised study time, 24-hour live-in residential staff and a full evening program, including life skills, athletic and cultural programs.  Boarding students have access to the school facilities, including laundry, fitness centre, gyms, track, fields and arena outside of school hours.  A variety of weekend programming are included in tuition. Some off-site activities are extra.  We can also administer a weekly allowance program at the parent/guardian request. Note that each room includes an electronic locking safe for valuables.


As part of the school's technology plan, technology is an important tool in student learning.

Students in Grades 6-8 are required to use a school designated laptop. The school develops the technical specifications and negotiates a purchase arrangement with the preferred supplier for parents to access. The cost of the Microsoft Surface is estimated at $1,000 plus taxes. This cost includes the pen, keyboard cover and three-year warranty including accidental damage coverage.

In addition, students in Grades 9-12 require a school specified laptop. There are no exceptions. The school annually develops technical specifications, and negotiates a purchase arrangement with a preferred supplier. This will ensure the greatest consistency and reliability of the hardware. The cost of this laptop, with a Microsoft licensed operating system, a battery, a laptop sleeve, accidental damage protection and a 3 Year Parts and Labour warranty is estimated at approximately $1,800 plus taxes.


The uniform is an additional cost and we have our own store on campus, The Hilltop Shop. The Hilltop Shop is the only official supplier of the PC required uniform, the athletic uniform and uniform accessories such as belts and shoes. All new students can make an appointment towards the end of August for a personalized uniform shopping experience. The shop also carries bedding and linen options, personal care products and laundry supplies as well as a variety of sportswear and equipment to meet the needs of our varsity and recreational sports teams. Gift items, spirit wear and casual clothing are constantly changing to keep up with the fashion trends.


In Kindergarten, textbooks and supplies are included in tuition.

For Grades 1-3, there is no additional charge for textbooks, the costs are included in tuition. Supplies would be an additional cost.

For Grades 4-6, there is an additional charge for textbooks, but it is a rental fee only. Supplies would be an additional cost.

For Grades 7-12, books and supplies are an additional cost and will range depending on the courses that a student is enrolled in. We have a Bookstore on campus with both used and new textbooks. Our Bookstore offers a range of school supplies, including some technology items.

Instrument Rental

In Grades 4-8, instrumental music is a required part of our curriculum and in Grades 9-12 Instrumental Music, Jazz Band and guitar are options. If a student needs to rent an instrument, the school has an arrangement with a number of local stores and depending on the instrument, the student will be billed accordingly.

Athletic Fees

There is no additional fee for the majority of our competitive athletic teams. Competitive Teams begin in Grade 4. A fee may apply if the team participates in a tournament. If a student selects the Equestrian program, competitive figure skating or competitive hockey, there is a fee as a result of the specialized coaching and other costs that are beyond the scope of our regular program. Some specialized equipment and/or uniform may be needed.

Before/After School Care

For Kindergarten to Grade 8, classrooms are open and supervised from 8:10 a.m.

If a family needs to drop a child in Kindergarten to Grade 6 off before 8:10 a.m. we have a before school program that runs from 7:00 a.m., charges are at a reasonable rate, and if the students are here by 7:30 a.m. they join our boarding students for breakfast. After School Care is also available daily until 6:00 p.m., at a reasonable rate.

Grade 9-12 students all receive an electronic key card for access to our buildings, and can be dropped off anytime from 8:00 a.m. If you need to drop off your child early, they can join our boarding students for breakfast by making arrangements through our Business Office. At the end of the day, students are able to wait in the Student Lounge for a later pick up.

Mandatory Class Trips

There are trips and outings scheduled throughout the year. Our trips enhance the students' learning through experience, overnight trips, in addition to curricular value contain leadership and team building components. There are a few day trips annually to enhance the student's understanding of a certain curriculum. For Grades 7-9 there is a mandatory overnight full grade trip and in Grades 10-12, there are optional curricular trips.


Additional tutoring that may be necessary can be arranged through the school at an additional cost.

Health Insurance

Health Insurance for Students is $995* - Boarding students only

Health insurance from McGeorge Academy is mandatory for all students on a study permit and who are not covered by F1 Visa Health Insurance Plans. Health Insurance is billed in August as a lump sum.  *Price subject to change.

Custodianship - Boarding Students Only

McGeorge Academy requires each boarding student to have a custodian while attending school. A family may identify their own custodian for their son or daughter or pay for custodial services through an outside agency. Custodians must be English-speaking, over the age of 21, preferably a US citizen residing within commuting distance of the school and be willing to fulfill all duties as outlined in the Custodial program brochure. If a student does not have a local custodian, the family must be prepared to pay a fee to an outside agency. McGeorge Academy has secured the services of Guardianship Services for International Students (GSIS), a local company that specializes in providing custodial services to boarding students and fees for this service are paid to GSIS.

Student Withdrawal

Notice is required, in writing, to the Head of School if a student is withdrawing after acceptance or enrolment.  After March 31, 2022 and up to July 31, 2022 (inclusive), 20 per cent of the total tuition and fees are non-refundable. After July 31, 2022, 100 per cent of the total tuition and fees are non-refundable.  The $4,000 enrolment fee for new students is non-refundable.


The Business Office sets up student accounts for tuition installments, personal expenses and other incidental charges.  E-statements are sent to the parents and must be paid monthly.  Interest on overdue accounts will be charged monthly at a rate of 15 per cent annually. Please note that incidental charges and other personal expenses are not covered by your tuition payment plan.  Please make regular monthly payments to ensure that the student account is in good standing.  In the event that a student account becomes past due, McGeorge Academy reserves the right to exclude students from school trips/excursions, access to school stores or withdraw services and refuse re-enrolment. Any such refusal does not relieve the family from its current financial obligations.

Financial Assistance



McGeorge Academy may offer entering students scholarships based on academic merit that may be supplemented by need-based bursary assistance. These awards are made to students on the basis of demonstrated academic potential and to deserving students whom we expect to contribute positively to school life, be a leader in the school and demonstrate school values.

Tax Credits

McGeorge Academy provides a child care expense receipt for a certain portion of the fees paid.  The school recommends that you review your own circumstances with advice from a professional financial advisor before making a claim.  The receipts are mailed annually from the Business Office.

Annual Giving

The McGeorge Academy Annual Giving campaign contributes to enhancing and enriching the experience of our students.  Priority areas requiring funding are carefully chosen each year for maximum benefit to our students.  You have the opportunity to make your tax deductible donation through the enrolment process.

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