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Indiana University High School - Expand

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Believing in that success is more likely if we work with those who have proved their success with tracking records. We work closely with the Indiana University High School (IUHS), a national leader in secondary school education. We use the curriculum and course material of IUHS and its assessment system to assess the study of our students.

What is Expand?

Expand is IU’s platform for delivering online non-credit and professional development coursework. We access coursework through Canvas, IU’s easy-to-use learning management system. All you need is a log-in. 

Who is Expand for?

Expand is for learners of all kinds:

  • Degree students needing pre-enrollment student services.

  • Employees at IU and in other organizations looking for skill development or professional licensure/certification.

  • Audiences in search of non-credit, general-interest courses.

As a member of the McGeorge Academy community, you don’t need to be re-admitted in order to take its courses. Isn’t it amazing!


Who offers courses through Expand?

Departments and units all across IU’s campuses deliver coursework through Expand. Courses are added all the time, and they cover a wide range of interests and topics, including:

  • Business

  • Data Analytics

  • Higher Education Administration

  • Languages

  • Healthcare

  • Public Health

  • Secondary Teaching


How long does it take to complete a course?

Most courses are self-paced, meaning you can access them whenever you like and complete them on whatever timetable works for you. With IU Expand, there’s no pressure, just discovery.

How do I get started?

Getting start is easy! After you’re admitted by McGeorge Academy, we’ll help you set up an account, then just browse our catalog for the courses that interest you.


Why would I use Expand?

Expand is an easy, low-cost way to reach interest groups and organizations. It gives you a consistent, IU-branded platform but has minimal developments costs. All you need to do is complete our straightforward MOA template. With our fast start-up times, you can go from idea to launch in as few as two weeks.

What’s more, content within IU Expand can be shared with other institutions wanting to contract with IU.

What are the benefits of Expand?

Expand provides students with a searchable course index, course descriptions, the ability to register and pay using a secure pay wall, the awarding of transcripts and badges, and credential assurance.

Ownership of intellectual property (IP) is in accordance with IU IP policies

How much does it cost to launch a course in Expand?

It doesn’t cost you anything to add a free course to Expand. If you charge a fee, your department receives 90 percent of the revenue, and the Office of Online Education (OOE) collects a 10 percent fee. The fee helps to defray OOE’s costs for managing Canvas, income distribution, and student information. If the course is offered as a contract with an external organization, OOE collects 4 percent of the contracted rate.

No external vendors collect payments, so all revenue flows to IU.

How do I provide a course?

Launching a course in Expand is quick and easy. 

The 6-Step Guide to Making a Course with IU Expand

  1. Find a department or university unit to sponsor your course. The department sponsor is the academic department or university unit that will be responsible for listing the course and collecting revenue when applicable. All courses in Expand must be approved by the representative of the department sponsor, who is typically the chair or director of the sponsoring department/unit.

  2. Fill out the IU Expand course proposal form.

  3. Complete a Master Service Agreement (MSA) with the university. This contract establishes the department sponsor for the course (i.e., the IU academic department or business unit that will be responsible for the course), creates a sub-catalog in Expand for the department sponsor’s current and future courses, and designates an administrator to monitor and publish course listings. You will receive a link to the MSA after completing the IU Expand course proposal form.

  4. Create your course in Canvas. Develop your course in Canvas, making sure to adhere to required guidelines for accessibility and effective course design.

  5. List your course in the Expand catalog. Create a course listing that includes important course information such as the intended audience, enrollment fee, course length, course objectives, and instructor information.

  6. Publish your course. Decide on the intended audience for your course and publish it to the general public or by invitation only.

For more information about getting started in Expand, visit the IU Expand Catalog Creation Guide.

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