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Thursday, December 8, 2022

A Message from Our Board

The Board of the Academy is very proud to congratulate the formation of the school featured by its target-oriented pedagogy. The Covid-19 pandemic that swept the entire globe has significantly changed people's life and life style. On the other hand, people are now fairely comfortable with the internet- and video-based teaching of school subjects. Though we think extremely highly of teaching in the classroom, we take special pride in offering virtual classes so as to facilitate our international students from various parts of the world. Some of the student enrolled in our programs may not be able to get a student visa by their desired dates. In such situations, their plan will be ruined in the scenario of traditional classroom teaching. With the advanced virtual classroom and video conferencing technologies, particularly the comfort of the students with the virtual teaching, their sky will not fall apart even if their visa is denied. They have the time and the peace of mind to apply again at the same time of attending their classes from different parts of the world without losing their credits. They don't have to change their plan in any significant way. They may continue make friends with their classmates.
The Board of the Academy sincerely wishes all our students all the best.

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